Wellness Services

Looking For A Healthier You…We Can Help.

Our Wellness Services

An important component to living with back pain or a spinal condition is learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. At Syracuse Medical, we believe that overall wellness is achieved through a combination of a balanced diet, physical activity, restful sleep and positive lifestyle choices. Through our wellness services we help put you on the path of staying fit and healthy.

Body Composition Testing

We begin with performing body composition testing on our patients. This provides us with objective data that we could not receive from a scale alone, such as the amount of weight that is from fat mass. Learn more about our body composition testing.

Weight Loss Solutions

Our staff at Syracuse Medical & Aesthetics works with our patients to develop long lasting solutions by implementing our proven strategies for weight loss. We believe that true weight loss requires individuals to commit to making simple changes in their lives. Our weight loss professionals are there to answer all your questions and provide guidance as you work through our process. Learn more about our weight loss solutions.