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Best Chiropractic Care In Syracuse

Syracuse Medical located in Baldwinsville provides state-of-the-art chiropractic examinations and adjustments to patients throughout all of Central NY. Our chiropractor, Dr. Frederick Gardner, is the only chiropractor in the Syracuse area that uses a ProAdjuster, a highly advanced chiropractic adjustment machine, designed to effectively treat a wide range of back pain problems. The ProAdjuster is a gentle and painless solution to chiropractic care.

While sitting in a comfortable position, we use the ProAdjuster’s Resonant Force Impulses to treat the affected areas. ProAdjuster takes full advantage of today’s cutting edge technology to help us accurately pinpoint the problem areas of your spine to treat you accordingly and without further complications.

Syracuse Medical has been utilizing the ProAdjuster system for over 16 years. This system analyzes the entire spine with a series of gentle taps from a computerized instrument to determine which vertebrae are misaligned. Once the spinal scan is complete, the ProAdjuster uses a precise “oscillating force with uninterrupted motion” to adjust the vertebrae. This allows the spine to be adjusted safely, gently and comfortably without any “twisting or cracking”. If you are interested in the ProAdjuster and would like an examination, please contact us today by calling our office at (315)622-0102 or scheduling a consultation through our online form. Our chiropractor looks forward to helping you.


“I have been suffering from Sciatica for years and missing out on my life. Dr. Gardner’s treatment was pain-free and gave me my life back”
Jenny B.

Baldwinsville, NY