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Weight Loss Solutions

Looking for lasting answers and strategies for weight loss? Our innovative professionals at Syracuse Medical & Aesthetics excell in helping you think outside of the box. Many people have tried at least one diet, and some have tried more than a handful. Diets may work for some people or for a certain period of time, but true weight loss requires simple changes in attitude regarding food and exercise, which is more effective with oversight by professionals. What we do is provide you with the tools and ability to succeed and make a lasting change in your health for the rest of your life.

At our modern office, we serve a wide range of individuals in the Syracuse, NY area who have diverse weight loss goals. Whatever your goals are, our professionals will give you the proper knowledge and tools to achieve them. Losing excess body mass is a science, and the best way to begin the process is with a complete body composition test. With the results from this test, we can determine your overall internal level of health and fitness. Depending on your goals and situation, we may recommend a 21-day purification program to begin your new health habits and diminish your craving for high sugar or fattening foods. This program is scientifically proven to improve your cholesterol, blood sugar level, and triglycerides. Most people find their sleep quality improves after completing this program, which leads to an increase in energy, decreased stress and an overall sense of well-being.

At Syracuse Medical & Aesthetics, your health is our priority and that includes weight loss. Syracuse area residents can turn to our trained team for guidance and the extra push to accomplish your health goals. Give us a call or fill out our online form today to set up a free consultation.


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